Membership Appreciation Week – Dec 9 to 14

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Membership Appreciation Week – Dec 9 to 14

We love you! So we’re gonna show you!! Here’s how! 

#1 – Giving you stuff!! 
We’re playing a raffle, y’all, and the tickets are FREE! You just gotta go to class & stuff, and you were gonna do that anyway! And you get to use your raffle tickets to win sweet prizes (like a free hoodie! It’s so soft and cozy, y’all. Seriously. I’m wearing mine right meow.) or you can horde them and use them for drink tickets at that Par-tay! 
Learn how to be cool:

#2 – Street Clothes Week!!
We train “reality-based self defense,” but have you ever noticed that “reality” outside of the gym generally doesn’t have cushy mats to fall on? And lot of times you might not be wearing free flowing breathable workout clothes & training shoes in your regular life. How would this affect your ability to fight for your life? This week you get to find out!! 
Plus, you’ll probably get at least a few opportunities to choke people with their own clothing, which is never not fun. 
Check out pics from last year’s street clothes week:

#3 – Throwing a badass holiday party!! 
It’s so fun, y’all. It’s at our favorite bar where they actually tolerate us being so brawl-y all the ding dang time. Plus, we give drink tickets to everyone who registers and then Jason & I (Katie) pick up the tab at the end of the night. And those completed raffle tickets you’ve been hording? Those can be traded in for drink tickets too! Go big or go home, right? 
You can register here:

Check out pics from the party last year if you want an idea of how amazing it is. It’s the best party ever.

Weeee looooooove yooouuuu!!!