Krav Maga Classic – Sparring Expo

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Krav Maga Classic – Sparring Expo

Saturday, September 28 // 6pm

Everyone is invited to the first ever Krav Maga Classic Sparring Expo! While you must be an Orange Belt to compete, EVERYONE should come cheer on their fellow students as we face off with our friends at Fit & Fearless. Smokers are more of an exhibition than a competition and we are soooo proud of our students and want to show off what they can do!

A competition class will start in August after the move that will be open only to students (again Orange Belt and above and age 18+) who are planning to compete. It will be taught be Ernesto Peralez on Friday evenings. The weigh ins and match ups will be on September 21!

This is gonna be awesome.