Krav Maga Pistol Course

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Krav Maga Pistol Course

Space is limited! Grab a spot for this 2 day seminar and learn from our fearless leader, Jason Fryer! The course will be from 2pm-6pm on Satuday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12.

Day 1 will be at Lions and will cover pistol handling, dry fire, disarms, and gun retention. Day 2 will be at the range and will include live fire and Krav Maga drills.

Register here:
*** Pistol rental option is very limited***

Seminar is open to the public and for ages 18 and up.

Required gear:
– Sturdy pants or jeans
– Sturdy belt
– Pistol (no revolvers)
– 3 magazines
– Mag pouches
– Ear & eye protection
– Groin protector
– Mouthguard
– Round count TBD

Early Bird Pricing is only through April 15!

Or you can register through Eventbrite HERE