Spring-o Bingo!

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Spring-o Bingo!

Step into Spring-o with Krav Maga Bingo!

On April 1st, we will begin a month of Krav Maga Bingo for sweet prizes!!

Check Out These Prizes!!!
• Fairtex 16 oz. gloves in Lions colors!
• Sanubel Shin Guards – black on black on black!
• Free Lions T-shirt of YOUR CHOICE!

Here’s how to play:
• Pick up your bingo card at the gym. Put it in your purse, wallet, or gym bag so you remember to bring it with you.
• Whenever you do the thing, get an instructor to check off the box
• Once you get bingo, give us your card to get entered into the drawing for prizes!
• Fill the whole card and get 3 extra entries into the drawing!
• Or just pick up another Bingo card and play again! There are no limits to how many times you can play!

We will announce the winners in our May Newsletter! May the odds be ever in your favor!