Street Clothes Week!

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Street Clothes Week!

Ever wonder how your wardrobe choice will affect how you fight?  Find out this week! Street Clothes Week will start on Monday, December 10.   

Note: For shoes, if you wear heels, they cannot be stiletto heels or something super pointy that will poke holes in the mats (wedges are fine, as are some chunkier heels). 

Here is what to wear/bring for the classes:

Monday, Dec 10:
12pm Krav 1 – Bring backpack or bag
6pm Krav 1- Regular street clothes // outdoor shoes & jacket
7pm Wrestling & 8pm Groundwork- Hoodies or Jackets

Tuesday, Dec 11:
12pm Krav 1 – Bring backpack, bag, briefcase
6:30p Kickboxing & 7:30p Krav 2+ – Business attire! (Suits, Skirts, Dress shoes)

Wednesday, Dec 12:
6pm Strike Lab- Evening wear (Dresses, Suit/Tie, Fancy Shoes)
7pm Krav 1 – White T-Shirt (one you don’t mind throwing away afterwards)
8pm Groundwork- Regular street clothes

Thursday, Dec 13:
12pm Krav 1+ – Bring scarves or neck ties
6:30pm Krav 2+ – Regular street clothes
7:30pm Krav 1- Pajama Party!! Also bring blankets & pillows!

Friday, Dec 14:
6am Krav 1+ – Hoodies & Jackets
12pm Krav 1+ – Regular street clothes // outdoor shoes & jackets
6pm Krav 1 – In da club! Dress to impress, y’all!  (Dresses, Fancy shirts/pants, Fancy shoes (not sneakers))

Saturday, Dec 15:
11am Krav 1 – Backpacks, bags, purses