We Were Featured in RENTcafe.com!

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2018 Lions Krav Maga sale special discount

We Were Featured in RENTcafe.com!

Lions Krav Maga has been featured in a Fitness article written by Nicky Iudean from RENTcafe.com! From the article: “Anyone can take up Krav Maga, no matter their current physical shape, as with each class you will notice improvements in stamina, core strength, and overall fitness abilities.”  READ MORE

At Lions, we have cultivated an environment of inclusiveness, community, self-defense, and fundamental fighting skills.  Some people join wanting to get in shape and learn to defend themselves in the process; others join wanting to learn to defend themselves and get in shape in the process.  Either way you get the benefits of strengthening your body, your mind, and your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones.

If you have been thinking about joining a gym/learning self-defense, the best time is now.  We have classes for Adults 13 and up, and our Krav Jr program starts at age 3.