You know Eddy? Yeah, Eddy!

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You know Eddy? Yeah, Eddy!

Let’s give a warm Lions Krav Maga welcome to our new instructor Eddy Rivas!

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Eddy joins us from his hometown of Houston and started teaching with us a little over a month ago. He’s been training in Krav Maga for six years – originally because he wanted to fight his way into shape, and also because Krav Maga looked badass in video games.

lions krav maga eddy rivas krav maga in video games

Now he trains because it’s fun, it does wonderful things for people, and because Eddy loves sharing that wonderfulness with others.

Eddy’s favorite thing to teach in Krav Maga is anything foundational, such as basic inside defenses from a straight punch. He appreciates Krav Maga as an intuitive system that builds upon itself naturally. “It’s always cool to watch people understand how one thing they learned translates to a huge number of other techniques.” Eddy wants to teach others how to channel aggression and defend themselves against threats in the real world. “We’re not just learning rote motions that look pretty, we’re learning how to react in a way that keeps us safe.”

A self-proclaimed proud nerd and busy dad, Eddy spends what free time he has reading (and writing!), playing video games, watching Miyazaki movies, and geeking out to some sweet 8-bit tunes. When not at Lions, you can catch Eddy having a spontaneous dance party with his house full of fantastic ladies – his wife Jen, daughters Talia and Eliana, and lovely lady dog Petunia. Eddy loves exploring the great outdoors. His one weakness may be wanting to eat all of the chips and salsa (nom nom nom), and he also trains for marathons (when it is not a bajillion degrees outside).

Eddy Rivas lions krav maga instructor

Eddy is a thoroughly cool human being and is best experienced in person. He teaches on Monday evenings at 6:00pm and 8:00pm. Let’s welcome him with some full classes!