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About Krav Junior

Why teach Krav Maga to Kids and Teens?

Krav Maga is a fun way for children to get active and get moving, and that is only one of the many benefits that Lions Krav Maga can bring to your family!  Read on for more ways that our Krav Junior classes can contribute to your kids’ health and happiness! 

  • Fostering Self-Discipline – One of the central tenets of Krav Maga is self-discipline. In today’s world of 140 character tweets and on-demand everything, kids are accustomed to instant gratification. Lessons in self-control and discipline that are still fun and engaging aren’t always easy to come by! Kids in the Krav Junior program are continually reminded of how essential self-discipline is, and parents get to go home with some fun new ways to encourage self-discipline at home!
  • Boosting Socialization Skills – Kids who don’t always thrive in highly social environments may find it easier to get to know people and make new friends when they’re in a room filled with peers who share a common interest. The kids on the playground may not always have much common ground, but kids that enjoy the same hobby are able to get to know one another through shared activities and pursuits. Partner-driven activities also foster camaraderie, as it involves building skills together.
  • Increasing Self-Esteem – Confidence comes with achievement, so your child’s self-esteem level will get a boost with every new move he or she masters and every belt he or she earns. Kids who struggle with a low sense of self-worth usually become more confident as their skills progress.
  • Instilling Respect – Learning Krav Maga will require your child to show respect to his or her instructor, parents, and training partners. When he or she comes to class, your child will be learning lessons in respect along with new moves.
  • Learning Conflict Resolution Skills – Krav Maga is first and foremost a system of self defense. The entire purpose of the system is so that you and your family can go home safe.  In Krav Junior, your child will learn how to de-escalate conflicts in the safest possible way while emphasizing the importance of avoiding a physical altercation.
  • Improving Listening Skills – In order to master the skills they are being taught, students will have to exercise superior listening skills. Kids who aren’t always adept when it comes to paying attention to what they’re told can benefit from the verbal instruction and one-on-one work in these classes.
  • Developing Teamwork Skills – Whether you’re learning a new combative technique, playing fitness games, or learning how to escape a chokehold, there are few things that your children will do in Krav Junior classes that will be done on their own. Working together to learn new things and accomplish goals is an important life lesson for everyone to learn, and Krav Junior can help put that lesson in a fun context.
  • Improvement in Other Areas of Life – The benefits of Krav Maga training don’t end in the gym. The boost in confidence, increased fitness level, and new cooperation skills will also help your children navigate the academic and social aspects of school, affect their behavior at home and have an all-around good influence on them as they develops into happy, healthy adults!

Krav Junior was developed by the second highest ranked practitioner in Krav Maga Global – Master Ze’ev Cohen, who runs a successful chain of Krav Maga schools in Israel in addition to his position on the KMG Global Instructor Team where he travels around the world conducting courses and seminars in both Hebrew and English.  Here’s what he has to say on the topic . . . 

Kids at all ages might find themselves in stressful and dangerous situation, and they might be exposed to various treats and risks in their daily life. The threats can happen on their way to school or back, at the school itself, or at any other location which includes interaction between kids to other people. In general, we characterize the treats to kids by:

  • Events between the same age group
  • Events that include a family member (adult) attacker, for example: an 11 years old boy will be consider adult comparing to a 6-year-old boy etc.

The last important definition will describe that a violent event is not necessarily physical, meaning that harassing or bullying might influence the life of kids as strongly as a physical event and of course should be considered as a threat to the kid’s wellbeing.

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Where there is the need, we at KMG will provide the knowledge and relevant training programs to educate kids and teenagers and prepare them for reality. That was Imi’s vision, which inspires Eyal and me until these days. This is our mission, and we will stand by it. As an instructor, teaching kids is always filling me with positive energy and with the unique satisfaction that relates to a simple fact: we are influencing the kids, teaching them to grow and become better individuals.

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