Testing… Testing… 1, 2, 3

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Testing… Testing… 1, 2, 3

So you’re considering testing for your next rank?  Congratulations!  My first Krav Maga test was one of the best experiences of my life – passing is an accomplishment that I will always be proud of.  As I was preparing for my test, I got a ton of advice from those who have gone before me, so I thought I’d do the same.  The following is what I did to ensure that I had a successful test experience. It is not required, nor is it necessarily right for everyone.  Feel free to take what you like, and just leave the rest. 

I trained my @$$ off

About 3-4 weeks before my test, I started training at least 4 days a week, though usually 5 or 6.  And I trained multiple times a day.  I took every class I could squeeze into my schedule.  I knew the test was going to last longer than just a couple of hours, and so I started with taking 2 classes a day (one early morning or noon class, and one evening class), then bumped it up to 1 morning class or noon class and then 2 evening classes in a row, and finally ended with taking 3 evening classes in a row to ensure that I had the endurance to stay engaged during the whole test.  

I chose my partner in advance

I knew that I would likely be with the same partner the whole day, and I had heard that having a good partner goes a long way to making YOU look good.  I wanted to work with someone who was approximately my size and was about as strong as me so that we could work at full force or speed without hurting each other.  I picked Genieva Croley (if you haven’t met her yet, she’s practically perfect in every way). 

Genieva Croley & Katie Jackson rolling at a Girls in Gis event

Genieva Croley & Katie Jackson rolling at a Girls in Gis event

Genieva and I practiced the techniques we would be tested on together so that we would know how the other person worked.  I can’t recommend this enough, and if you and your partner ever want to come practice together during off hours, just give us a call at (512) 588-3356 to make sure someone’s at the gym, and then come on by!

I gave my body everything it needed

About 8 weeks before my test, I got bursitis in my left shoulder.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do the test without complete range of motion, so I went to the sports doc immediately in addition to talking to homeopaths about natural treatments.  And I ROCKED those treatments.  I drank so much water (with a few drops of apple cider vinegar), I took a handful of supplements 3 times a day, I took ibuprofen prophylactically, I drank protein shakes twice a day, and I did all the rehab strength and stretching exercises that the sports doc recommended.  I did E V E R Y T H I N G !!!  And guess what?  I got better fast!  By the time of the test, I was fully healed, and my body was nourished and hydrated and ready to go! 


I got the best foods & drinks

I knew I wasn’t going to have a chance to eat much during the day, but that I’d be burning calories like a madwoman, so I brought bite-sized snacks so that I could run to my gym back for a swig of water and a bite of a snack.  I brought things that I knew that I would like, so that I didn’t have to force some kind of health nugget down my gullet when my body was deeply craving oreos.  I just brought a couple of oreos.  I also brought a couple of Kind bars, some berries, and some yogurt covered pretzels.  

I also knew that I would be sweating . . . a lot! I needed more than just water to drink since I would be losing electrolytes.  Personally, I love coconut water, so that’s what I brought.  Others brought gatorade or pedialyte.  When my grandfather was working his summers off laying asphault in the searing Texas summer heat, he would bring a jar of pickle juice to replace his electrolytes. Whatever floats your boat.  Just make sure that you don’t only bring water.  

I took it easy

Yes, I know I just got done talking about how I trained my bonbon off, but about 3 days before the test, I stopped.  I took three days off before the test to make sure that my muscles were fully recovered.  I did some very light stretching, and I still took my dog for a walk, but I didn’t do anything strenuous.  I made sure I got plenty of sleep and was drinking lots and lots of water to flush any toxins out of my system. 


I hope this is helpful for you as you prepare for the upcoming test!  I can’t wait to see the smiles on all of your faces when you find out that you’ve passed – it’s an incredible feeling!  

While I have you, here are a few housekeeping points: 

  • Your permission to test form must be signed by Jason and turned in 1-week before test day. The permission to test form can be found on the last page of your curriculum, which you received in your enrollment package. If you do not have a copy of the curriculum, be sure to ask for one at the front desk. 
  • On test day, you must wear a Lions Krav Maga T-shirt for the picture at the end. If you are planning to bring more than one shirt, they do not both have to be Lions shirts… just one. 
  • 16 oz. boxing gloves, shin guards, mouth guard, mat shoes, and groin protection are required. You may rent gloves and shin guards, as per usual, but you must bring your own mouth guard and groin protection. This goes for both men and women. 
  • The cost of the test is $59.99 if you do not have a Punch Pass.  Punch Passes cost $75 and entitle you to discounts on special events, including the Rank Exam (2 punches). If you purchase multiple Punch Passes at once, you get a discount! 

Good luck, test-takers! 

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